Replacement filter for AIRVIA CAR©
Replacement filter for AIRVIA CAR© Replacement filter for AIRVIA CAR©

Replacement filter for AIRVIA CAR©





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HEPA standard, proven effectiveness

Filters marked “H.E.P.A.” (“High Efficiency Particulate Air”) meet strict European standards. This standard proves that the filter can filter, in one, single pass, at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.01 µm. The H13 designation ensures a minimum efficiency of 99.95%, all particles combined.

Natural matierals

AIRVIA chose its HEPA filter for both its efficiency and its composition. It combines the powers of activated carbon and bamboo fibres to capture bad smells, pollutants contained in cigarette smoke, VOCs, and all fine particles.

A filter that protects you from viruses

The air we breathe is filled with bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Our body often manages to fight them but even a state of fatigue can render ourselves vulnerable. AIRVIA CAR© and its HEPA filter removes all of these harmful particles before they reach you.

A filter that fights your allergies

HEPA filters are known for their ability to capture pollens, animal dander, and all mites. HEPA filters are used in medical offices, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, and research centres, as well as in the IT world.

Light, compact and durable

The AIRVIA CAR© filter is available on our site. Light, compact, and robust, it is made up of a plastic strapping, a metal grid, and several layers of active carbon and plant fibres. It should only be changed once a year.


We want to make sure out customers can take advantage of our technology without being a specialist. The filter on our air purifiers are easy and quick to change (less than a minute).