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An air purifier designed for professionals

The AIRVIA PRO 150 air purifier can treat an area of up to 150 m² (1600 sq. ft.).
Thanks to its bigger filter and exceptional power, it is able to clean the air in your workplace or your home quickly and efficiently. We kept the peace and quiet of you and your customers in mind when designing it and ensured that it operates completely silently when in speed 1.

Hairdressers, with their air saturated with cut hairs, will benefit from its interchangeable pre-filter which greatly reduces maintenance costs. No need to change the entire filter to restore the normal performance of the air purifier.

Its design is directly inspired by aircraft turbines and its filtration technologies come from the medical world. It is geared towards the needs of professionals.

✅ Applications :

• Large-scale houses or apartments
• Offices
• Hair and nail salons
• Medical offices and pharmacies
• Cabinets médicaux et pharmacies
• Hotels and restaurants
• Factories and workshops
• Public buildings, schools, and nurseries

AIRVIA PRO 150 air purifier in a living room

AIRVIA Medical air purifiers are ECP Air Cleaners certified

Our range of products meets the requirements of standard "ECP Air Cleaners’ and “NF 536 Air purifiers". This standard validates the performance of our devices and in particular their efficiency and purification power, their safety / innocuity, their energy efficiency, as well as their noise level. Tests carried out by various independent laboratories certify that they are 99% effective against fine particles, gaseous pollutants, germs and allergens.

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ECP Air Cleaners

Innovative design with a 360° air intake

Our products are the first ever built with a 360° cylindrical air intake. Thanks to its cylindrical shape, it is able to draw in air from all around without being simply limited to one direction (as is the case with air purifiers that use a monofocal air intake). The AIRVIA PRO 150 air purifier is therefore capable of much more efficiently mixing and cleaning the air in your entire space.

Optimised air circulation

Purified air is discharged vertically by our air purifier. Combined with our 360° air intake, this naturally generates air circulation while preventing it from drawing air that was just cleaned back in. Vertically projecting the air towards the ceiling is also the best way to ensure an optimal redistribution of the air. This clever air flow solution was designed for better efficiency: the more efficiently the air circulates, the more quickly and thoroughly it can be processed.

Is the indicator light on the Remote Control Display green? You’re in the clear! Thanks to its “Automatic” mode, our air purifier can adjust its speed in real time depending on the pollution level. This guarantees the best possible purification without wasting any electricity.

Système de pressurisation vertical

Swift and efficient purification

Not only does the PRO 150 combine all of the best filtration technologies on the market in one device, it does so without compromising its power. In fact, its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 550m3/h is one of the very best on the market. The CADR measures the volume of air cleaned by a device in a given time and is the benchmark to judge the efficiency of an air purifier. One may ask: how is it possible to combine multiple filters, power, and low electricity consumption? Simply because it is a high-end product designed and built to the highest standards while also being directly inspired by aircraft turbines.

Say goodbye to fine particles thanks to ionization

Ionization is the diffusion of negative ions in the air. These ions are naturally attracted to fine particles and many pollutants, including the infamous PM 2.5 and even PM 0.1. They will either disintegrate these toxic particles or cause them to fall to the ground, thereby protecting your lungs. AIRVIA Medical uses a unique technology with an unrivalled power of 20 million pcs/cm3 at the output. This technology helps fight all the fine particles which not only contaminate the air but also lodge themselves in the alveoli of your lungs: tobacco smoke, car pollution, particles produced by the burning of incense and candles, bacteria, and viruses, among others. The ionization function can be easily activated or deactivated as desired.

Photocatalysis and UV sterilization

You probably understood this by know: AIRVIA Medical’s philosophy is to use all the best technologies to allow you to breathe better. Photocatalysis breaks down VOCs, pollutants, and other microorganisms through a redox reaction. Our device also relies on two natural sterilization processes: UV rays (via a lamp) and lysozyme. UV is a method known for its extreme germicidal efficacy. As for “lysozyme”, it is an enzyme which “lyses” (destroys) bacteria. Both UV and photocatalysis can be activated and deactivated at will.

Stérilisation de l’air grâce aux UV

An advanced H13 HEPA filter

Our HEPA H13 filter combines high performance and natural materials since it is made partly of bamboo fibre. Concretely, this means that it filters at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.01 µm in a single pass. And this is just one of the filter layers we use! Say goodbye to pollens, mould, dust, mites, and more.

Pré-filtreFiltre Hepa H13Filtre de séparation des bactériesFiltre au charbon actifFiltre d’absorption avec tamis moléculairePurification par photocatalyseStérilisation aux UVPurification aux ions négatifs

Full control over your air quality

Our autonomous Remote Control Display allows you to check the quality of your air wherever you place it. First and foremost it helps you better understand the type and rate of pollution in your space. Is the indicator light green? You can breathe in peace. Did it turn to yellow or red? Let our “Automatic” mode accelerate the fan speed and protect your health. The Remote Control Display also gives you the humidity and temperature of your room, along with the rate of chemical pollution (formaldehyde concentration). Its sensors analyse the ambient air at all times.

Purification in silence

When in "Night" mode, the PRO 150 air purifier continues to clean your air while saving energy. The device is perfectly silent and keeps its lights turned off, which is ideal for both sleeping well and breathing well. Our devices have five different speeds, a feature that allows you to adjust the rate of purification according to your situation.

Purification test

The power of our devices means that the air is purified within a few minutes only, even under extreme conditions. See for yourself:

Technical Characteristics

Product Model : AIRVIA PRO 150
Reference Number : PRO150
Colour : Gold + Black
Range of Action : Up to 1600 ft² (150 m²)
Particle CADR : From 90 to 550 m3/h depending on the speed
Formaldehyde CADR : From 36.9 to 226 m3/h depending on the speed
Particle CCM : P4 (highest possible grade)
Formaldehyde CCM : F4 (highest possible grade)
Negative Ions Density : 20 million pc/cm3
Input Voltage & Frequency : AC 220V - 50Hz
Wattage : Speed 1 : 9.8W
Speed 2 : 13.6W
Speed 3 : 28.2W
Speed 4 : 37.8W
Speed 5 : 54.5W
Fan Speed Levels : 1-2-3-4-5 (5 levels)
Noise Level (decibels) : Night mode = silent (< 30 dB)
Speed 1 = silent (< 30 dB)
Speed 2 = 41dB
Speed 3 = 50dB
Speed 4 = 62dB
Speed 5 = 68dB
Product Size : 31.25 x 84.0 cm (diameter x height)
Net Weight : 11.8 kg
Multi-Layer Filter : Weight: 3.6 kg.
Inner diameter x Outer diameter x Height: 15.5 x 2.0 x 60.0 cm
Filter Composition : Pre-filter + Bamboo Fibre and Lysozyme + HEPA H13 Filter + Activated Charcoal + Photocatalysis
Lifespan of filter : 12 months
Purification Functions (in addition to filter) : - Ionization (20 million pc/cm3)
- UV sterilisation (UVC lamp - 254nm)
Pre-filter : Integrated to the main filter and replaceable separately
Remote Control Display : Real-time digital display
Remote Control Display Sensors : - Fine particles sensor (PM2.5)
- Chemical pollution sensor (HCHO)
- Temperature and Humidity sensors
Air Quality Indicator : Excellent: Green; Good: Blue; Fair: Yellow; Bad: Red
Warranty : - 30-day "Money-back guarantee" return policy
- 5-year Limited Warranty

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