Installing an air purifier in your bedroom

Installing an air purifier in your bedroom will ensure you get clean air and serene nights. It is not only during the day that we need to breathe easier. Even if we spend most of our time at work or outside,every night, it is the air within our accommodation that we breathe full-time.

As such, it is quite wise to install an air purifier in a bedroom, especially now that the new-generation purifiers are both silent and super efficient.


An air purifier in the bedroom, how to decide?

Purifying the air within your accommodation has become a major issue for people within the last few years. Pollution, viruses and allergens are present inside our houses, apartments and office spaces.

We then have the choice between installing a large scope, high filtration capacity air purifier or choosing which rooms need it and when and move it accordingly. This second option, often chosen by consumers is neither practical nor economical. Moving your purifier from your bedroom to your kitchen, from your kitchen to your lounge, and then from the lounge back to your bedroom is not a solution either.


The ideal air purifier for a bedroom is the one you do not have to move, and that cleanse in a few seconds the whole of your accommodation. After years of research, AIRVIA Medical offers the best of purifiers through their two models that can cleanse your house for up to 150 m2.

Cleansing the air inside your bedroom with a medical device

Breathing well in your bedroom, to sleep better or even work easier, that’s possible. The AIRVIA air purifier is a device endowed with the best purifying technologies presently available.

Enfant qui dort

Breathing well in your bedroom, to sleep better or even work easier, that’s possible. The AIRVIA air purifier is a device endowed with the best purifying technologies presently available.
To cleanse the air in your bedroom, AIRVIA combines no less than 8 filtration systems, to catch pollutants, microbes, pet hairs, allergens, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and Volatile Organic Compounds of all sizes. The HEPA filter selected by AIRVIA will filter in one go at least 99,97 % of particles with a diameter equal or superior to 0,01 μm. As such, it is the ideal partner for every baby or asthmatic child, allergic or with respiratory difficulties.

Thanks to its night mode that you can activate in the evening, the AIRVIA purifier can be placed in the bedroom and only emits a very small noise (Less than 30 dB with no light).

Air purifier for baby or child room

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Can a purifier be installed in the baby's room or in your child’s room? AIRVIA Medical says « yes » ! The air purifier cleanse the air of the whole room in a matter of minutes and allows your child to breathe easier. Its filtration systems, combined all together, associate the power of a cutting-edge HEPA filter, an ionization function that destroys pollutants and allergens, but also a purification system through catalysis.

It’s possible to make your child’s sleep better with the power of science even if he is sensitive to pollutants and allergens. The air purifier destroys and holds everything that can keep your child from breathing easily: viruses, bacteria, allergen and any other microorganism or harmful organic compound will be destroyed. In sleep mode, ideal for night time, the air purifier keeps working quietly and without any light.

In your child’s room and any other living space of your house, the air purifier cleanses the air, for your health and your child’s.

Children allergies, asthma and an air purifier in the bedroom

Purificateur d'air AIRVIA AERO 100

The AIRVIA Medical air purifier can be installed in an asthmatic adult or child’s bedroom, to help them sleep better. Indeed, thanks to its 8 modes of combined filtration, AIRVIA Medical purifier is presently the best air purifier on the market for a baby’s or child’s room. It is a silent and super efficient air purifier that allows you to cleanse the air of a surface between 100m2 and 150m2, depending on the model you choose. You want to purify the air inside your whole accommodation? Place the AIRVIA purifier in your living space and open the doors of your bedrooms. Its air inlet system, composed of several concentric pipes, facilitates air flow.

Despite its design, if you do not want to see you high end appliance inside your lounge or dining room, you can place your silent air purifier in your bedroom. By destroying pollutants in your air, pollens, spores, bacteria and all the allergens, it allows you to breathe better and to benefit from healthy air in the long term.

AIRVIA : harmless air purifier for the bedroom

AIRVIA Medical air purifiers are the fruits of a long research to offer you the best appliances without any high maintenance. No ozone or other harmful gas emission while it is working to cleanse your air. No light or sound pollution. Thanks to the remote provided with your AIRVIA air purifier, you can easily master the quality of your air. Thanks to their patented technology, AIRVIA AERO 100 and AIRVIA PRO 150 produce less than 30 dB in silent mode while in speed 1, and only 68 dB in speed 5.

Whether it is placed in your bedroom, your lounge or in the hall, the air purifier works the same way and shows in real time the quality of your air thanks to the colored lights. All green? Breathe Easy !

Trust in an innovative and harmless air purifier to take care of your whole family, in a bedroom or any other location inside your house.

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