How much does an air purifier cost?

Air purifiers are a relatively new category of household appliances on which consumers don’t really have a lot of objective information.

While they are steadily being installed in hotels, laboratories and medical practices, air purifiers still haven’t become a staple in supermarkets. In China and the United States, air purifiers are already a part of most households and allow millions of people to breathe easier.

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How much to spend on an air purifier remains rather hazy however. How much should you spend to enjoy a wholesome air in your house? Do you have to spend thousands to breathe well?

The price of an air purifier, sign of its efficiency

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How much does an air purifier really cost? You could ask around you, but most people wouldn't be able to give you an idea. Air purifiers are still rather scarce in most supermarkets in Europe. The cheap appliances that are often presented to you offer only a partial cleaning of your air, a trend started by well-known vacuum brands that understood the shift in trends.

A cheap air purifier, as available in shops or retail websites, will generally cost you around 45£. Yet, for that small amount of money, you will only get one purifying function.

Thus, a 100£ or less air purifier will probably only have one HEPA filter and work only on a small surface. Used on a large surface, this type of purifier will be over-worked and its filter quickly saturated.

Be careful with low-cost air purifiers

Don’t forget to factor in the price of replacement filters, which can run your annual bill quite a lot. The more filters and filtering technologies within your appliance, the cleaner your air will be. The two purifiers offered by AIRVIA Medical combine 8 different filtration systems to ensure you will get healthier air for a long time, without any additional costs.

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You also need to watch out for cheap air purifiers who claim to destroy pollutants but will instead release nocive gases into your home! Choose an air purifier that does not produce ozone to protect your health and that of your loved ones, coworkers or clients. The same goes for ultrasound emissions, plasma or any other release of volatile organic compounds which are damaging to our health.

The price of an air purifier is justified by all the good it can do to you if used effectively; investing in a cheaper appliance is often a long-term bad choice for a number of reasons, both financial and health-related.

Cheap air purifiers, what promises?

As for most appliances, quality comes with a price. As such, you probably won’t be able to find a really efficient air purifier for less than 450£. Or they might be only partially effective and need additional apparatus to offer pure air in a long-lasting fashion.

A cheap air purifier will allow you to cleanse a small surface and as such will only be useful in a bedroom or living area whose doors and windows you keep completely closed. That kind of use is akin to putting a plaster on a pierced dam; momentarily helpful but useless in the long-term. The necessity of airing your house often means your purifier will almost always be starting from scratch.

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The filtering capacity of these smaller air purifiers is very limited and the change of filters frequent. Between the purchase price, the time it takes to find the right type for your appliance and the time it takes to order them, you might come to regret your initial purchase.

AIRVIA Medical offers two purifiers capable of cleansing the air of a surface between 100m2 to 150m2 in only a few minutes. The replacement filters are also available on the brand’s website and shipped quickly.

Best priced air purifier for my interior

You would like to buy an air purifier at the best price for your house, apartment,office, or medical practice?AIRVIA Medical offers several models of air purifiers depending on your needs.

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The prices of the appliances might triple depending on the model, but that’s because of the different levels of function they offer. ​Basic models air purifiers only have one HEPA filter while increasingly complex models offer more filtration systems.

AIRVIA Medical combines eight filtration systems for optimum results. Its HEPA13 filter catches close to 99.95% of particles with a diameter higher than or equal to 0,3 μm, a U.V lamp sterilizes the air, another filter combines activated charcoals with « Bamboo-kun » fibers while ionizing functions and photocatalysis allow it to permanently destroy pollutants floating in your air.

Purifier : what is the best value for money ?

If you are looking for a cheap purifier on the internet, remember to read through the whole description of each item. Some brands of humidifiers like to slip in the word “purifier” in the description of their products to mislead consumers.

Choosing an air purifier with a good value for money also means choosing an appliance with multiple benefits: low energy consumption, variable speed, silent mode or low noise pollution. AIRVIA AERO 100 and AIRVIA AERO 150 offer 5 cleaning speeds, for a total 500m3/h of cleansed air. Their sleep mode allows for full efficiency without disturbing your rest (<30dB) and they do not use any more electricity than any other household appliance.

The price of a purifier depends of the use you are going to get out of it but, more than that, its power and the number of purifying functions. AIRVIA offers autonomous, performing, durable appliances with a warranty.

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