Fight mould with the help of an air purifier

Mould is not only bad for your house, but also for your health. Indeed, in some people, the spores emitted by mould can cause sharp cutaneous or respiratory reactions, including allergies or asthma. Certain symptoms will only appear after a prolonged exposure to mould while others will appear immediately.

Air purifiers can help you fight mould that damage homes and prevents us from breathing properly.

Mould, homes’ invisible enemy

The word "mould" is a broad term used to describe a certain type of mushroom that develops under particular conditions. We are all familiar with the mould that grows on expired foods, but it can also invade indoor spaces that are of too humid or simply poorly ventilated.

Mould appear in places indoors that are warm and humid, and love colonizing places prone to temperature transitions: tile joint, wet wall, window sill ... Mould that grow the fastest are those hidden from our sight: on the back of cabinets, behind drawers or behind a wallpaper or a coat of paint. Bathrooms, washrooms or laundry rooms are fertile grounds for them to proliferate.

The majority of moulds we find in our apartments and homes are odourless. But they still cause damage (to our walls, curtains, mattresses, etc.) and can be harmful to our health over time. They spread thanks to their spores which easily travel in the air throughout the house, and can therefore easily end up in our lungs. If you experience momentary fatigue or poor health, mould will affect you even greater.

The proven anti-mould effect of air purifiers

Air purifiers are devices that clean indoor air of all the harmful particles it contains in a matter of minutes. While they have only recently become democratized, they are incredibly effective at eliminating harmful germs from our air such as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.

Thanks to eight different filtration levels, and the combination of several technologies, AIRVIA Medical Air Purifiers manage to eliminate the indoor pollutants of a ​​1000 ft² (100m²) space in under five minutes.

All you need to do place is our air purifier in any room or space with mould and leave the door wide open. While this will not clean the existing mould stains, it will prevent its spread and prevent the spores from travelling through the air. To get rid of the stains, you should perform a manual cleaning of all affected areas using appropriate cleaning products: choose bleach for white walls, vinegar or water and soap for fragile surfaces. Remember to first test the cleaning solution on a small surface beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Air purifiers’ anti-mould functions

Most air purifiers currently on the market offer a wide range of scientifically proven technologies. Several of them can actively fight spores and fungi and therefore put an end to the proliferation of mould.

Air purifiers use filters to clean the air. Depending on the model, they come with a more or less dense filter mesh. They can be equipped with one or more filter levels: for example AIRVIA Medical products use an 8-step filtration process. This ensures that we capture close to 100% of spores travelling through the air. A filtration system may be composed of fiberglass, charcoal, bamboo, etc. We use natural materials in our products. And our filters only need to be changed once a year in the UK, as long as you use them for the surface area that we specify (1000 ft² or 100m²). We will put an end to the spread of mould. We use a latest generation HEPA filter which meets the most stringent European standards and guarantees a powerful and efficient filtration. That is why AIRVIA Medical traps nearly 99.95% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 μm or more, which includes fungi and spores.

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