AIRVIA Medical : an air purifier for a large surface

The ongoing sanitary crisis proved that our air quality is of primordial importance. Viruses, dust, microbes, fungi... Air purifiers are the only ones capable of actively and simultaneously fighting against all these pollutants, and even against the Covid-19 virus.

As such, the number of people buying air purifiers has been steadily increasing over the last few weeks. But what purifier to choose when you own a large house or flat, around 100m2 ?

AIRVIA Medical is one of the most efficient air purifiers available, with a very large purifying action and considerable technical performances.

An air purifier for your household

AIRVIA AERO 100 is one of the air purifiers capable of cleansing the air of a 100m2 surface in only a few seconds. The air inside your whole living space, be it a loft, family apartment or house, is uniformly and efficiently purified.

Filtration de la maison

AIRVIA Medical air purifier is an appliance the size of a small air conditioner, with much more benefits to you.

Turn on your air purifier; It literally sucks in all the air within your accommodation thanks to its 360°air inlet system, and cleanse it by passing it through different filters. Every part of the filters captures dust, bacteria,viruses, pollens, pet hairs, allergens, fungi.... And throws back out cleansed air for your greatest satisfaction.

Thanks to its five speeds, the air purifier AIRVIA AERO 100 adapts itself to all your needs and your style of living. Back form work and you want to catch a clean breath? Activate your purifier in speed 5: it will suck in up to 500m3 of air per hour.

Which air purifier for a medical practice or pharmacy?

AIRVIA AERO 100 is the AIRVIA air purifier capable of filtering a 100m2 surface while its AIRVIA PRO 150 model is capable of covering up to 150 m2. With its larger filter and exceptional power, it is able to cleanse the air within your premises quickly and efficiently. Both are very popular with medical practices, dental practices, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, and every other place that may host potential disease carriers.

Cabinet dentaire

In that case, the air purifier is a health guarantee for your patients, but also for the whole staff present on the premises. It purifies the air inside your medical practice, consultation and waiting rooms but also the air of your pharmacy.

Silent and unobtrusive, AIRVIA AERO 100 and AIRVIA PRO 150 were designed with a 360° air inlet and a discreet air discharge on top of the appliance. This design prevents unpleasant sensations from air movements, a criticism quite common with other air purifier brands. Indeed, working between draughts of air, whether hot or cold, can be annoying in the long term.


Thanks to its vertical projection of air, AIRVIA AERO 100 propels the cleansed air towards the ceiling of the room uniformly and quietly. This medical grade appliance combines 8 levels of filtration with ionization, photocatalysis and U.V sterilization to preserve your health.

An air purifier for your office and open spaces

The AIRVIA AERO 100 air purifier is also ideal for all office buildings and open spaces with a surface of up to 100m2. Not only is it silent, it also doesn’t require specific maintenance.

Open space

Every night when you leave your company, your put your air purifier on sleep mode. It will use less energy, be even quieter, and doesn’t need to be at full speed anyway since the office will be empty. The first thing you do when coming in in the morning? You turn it back to the daylight setting, thanks to the switches present on the device or with the small remote, to ensure optimum performance and a perfectly cleansed air.

Your professional space is even bigger? The AIRVIA PRO 150 air purifier is efficient on surfaces up to 150 m2. It is also used by a large number of hairdressers, schools, daycares and public buildings.

The air purifier that is efficient for a surface up to 100m2

AIRVIA AERO 100 was named that way because it is efficient for a surface or accommodation that goes up to 100m2 and AIRVIA PRO 150 for spaces up to 150 m2. Few purifiers available today offer the same characteristics, whether in terms of cleansing air or filtration capacity.


Consumers that choose to buy a less powerful purifier for the same surface of 100m2 or 150m2, will not only have to change their filters twice as often, but will also suffer a partially polluted air. They will then consider their appliance defective, or that it does not live up to its promises.

Investing in the right air purifier the first time, designed and conceived for large surfaces of 80m2, 90m2 or 100m2 is a financial gain but mostly a major health benefit.


Thanks to their powerful pressurization system, AIRVIA AERO 100 and AERO PRO channel the air inside your room through an inside circular grid before blowing it vertically through your room.This patented technology, available in both of our models offers optimum efficiency in all your open space, without having to move the purifier.

Simply place them in your living room or your professional premises, open the doors of the neighbouring rooms and let them work. They cleanse while you breathe, as easy as that!


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