Air Pollution in Hair Salons

Stylists and their clientele are at risk

In the world of hairdressing, respiratory and skin allergies are the second leading cause of illness.

These are directly caused by the many toxic products contained in the various products used for hairdressing and dyeing. There are chemical and allergic risks, both of which are inherent to hairdressing activities and products.

The harmful molecules that pollute the air in hair salons come from a wide variety of sources:

shampoos, sprays and aerosols, lacquers, dye products, bleach, perms, Brazilian hair straightening, etc.

Exposure to these harmful products can lead to many ailments through various means: it can affect your eyes (conjunctivitis), your skin (eczema, dermatitis, irritation, or skin cancer), or your lungs (asthma, rhinitis, lung cancer). 1 in 3 cases of asthma and 1 in 10 cases of allergies are among hairdressers. The effects of these ailments can be hard to detect as they usually start with vague but very common symptoms: allergic reactions, headaches, discomfort, or even just fatigue.

It is therefore vital to filter out these pollutants from the air in order to protect the lungs and the health of everyone in the hair salon, whether they are customers, hairdressers, or managers.

However, employees remain the most at risk as they are exposed to this air pollution on a daily basis. Another group that is particularly at risk is pregnant women.

The list of toxic products and allergens to which hairdressers and their customers are exposed is long and barbaric-sounding. A short list of the main culprits is as follows :

Main toxic products
  • Ammonia
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Benzene
  • Dichloromethane
  • Ethanol
  • Formalin
  • Isobutane
  • Isopropanol
  • N-Hexane
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Persulfates
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone
  • Toluene
Main allergens
  • Amines and ammonium thioglycolates
  • Hair dyes
  • Vegetable gums
  • Henna
  • Latex
  • Alkaline persulfates
  • Lycopod powder
  • Synthetic resins used in hair sprays
Notre Technologie

Un purificateur d’air permet de traiter l’air et de le purifier. Il agit donc à la fois de manière préventive et curative en assainissant l’air ambiant que l’on respire.

Notre produit utilise 5 filtres et 8 technologies de filtration différentes pour éliminer 99.97% des particules de pollution (jusqu’à 0.3 micron), particules fines, poussières, cheveux dans l’air, germes (bactéries, virus, spores et moisissures), fumées, gaz et COV (Composés Organiques Volatils) et même les mauvaises odeurs !

Pré-filtreFiltre Hepa H13Filtre de séparation des bactériesFiltre au charbon actifFiltre d’absorption avec tamis moléculairePurification par photocatalyseStérilisation aux UVPurification aux ions négatifs

It is capable of treating the entire volume of air of a 150 m2 (1600 sq. ft.) space within just a few minutes. It purifies the entirety of your air several times an hour. Thanks to its cylindrical shape and its vertical air discharge, it can suck in air from all around and over a long distance while efficiently mixing it.

AIRVIA Medical combines all the most advanced technologies developed in hospitals, laboratories and research centres: HEPA-certified filter, molecular sieve, UV sterilization, photocatalysis, and negative ions. All of this is done without releasing any ozone or other unhealthy by-product.

AIRVIA Medical Quality

A brand of experts

  • 5 year warranty on all our air purifiers
  • 30-day “money back guarantee”
  • Inspired by the medical world and aircraft turbines
  • Based in France

A high-end product designed with hair salons in mind


  • Prefilter efficiently traps hair floating in the air and can be changed separately
  • Cylindrical design with 360° air intake and vertical discharge for optimal air mixing


  • Comes with a remote control displays that gives you the air quality in real time


  • Covers up to 150 m2
  • CADR 550m3/h
  • 5 speed levels


  • Plug & play
  • Automatic mode
  • 1 minute to change the multi-layer filter once a year


  • 99.97% filtration of particles of 0.3 microns and up
  • 8 filtration technologies to filter all toxic particles (PM2.5 and even PM1)
  • HEPA filter with interchangeable re-filter


  • Robust and quality-made


  • Stylish black & gold design
  • Silent mode

Fights germs

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, moulds, tobacco smoke

Fights allergens

  • Eliminates dust mites, pollens, dust, animal hair

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