What are the benefits of negative ions on health?

What are the benefits of negative ions on health?

To relax after a long day, we often crave the seaside, a waterfall or natural spaces. That is because they are rich in negative ions and our cities tend to be rich in positive ions: humans have an instinctive desire to balance positive and negative ions. If a surplus of positive ions gives us an oppressive impression, a surplus of negative ions will give us a feeling of well-being and will have multiple benefits on our health. In this article we shed light on the benefits of negative ions.

Air purification thanks to negative ions

Our ceaseless pursuit of progress and comfort has unfortunately led our air to be more and more polluted. However, when it comes to indoor air, injecting a few more negative ions can help us get rid of harmful particles and protect your health and well-being. This is the very principle of ionizing purifiers sold in retail stores and online.

Note that these harmful particles can come from a variety of sources such as car pollution, tobacco smoke, virus, bacteria and mould, pollen and will deposit on everything, including our clothes, skin and the hair of our pets. Yet only using a powerful ionizer air purifier for a half hour is enough to get rid of more than 95% of the fine and ultrafine particles in your indoor air. A couple hours of use every day is all you need to drastically reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants in your air.

Fighting against respiratory diseases: the power of negative ions

As mentioned above, the quantity of particles of pollution is strongly related to the imbalance between positive ions and negative ions. If a given environment is depleted in negative ions or overwhelmed in positive ions, there is a higher risk that people in this environment will contract a respiratory diseases. Airing your space is very important but it will not be enough if you live in a polluted area such as a big city. That is when you should about producing negative ions in your space with the help of an air purifier. This will eliminate harmful particles and allergens.

Several epidemiological studies have already shown that negative ions are an effective means to fight asthma. One of them, which was carried out on a sample of 30 subjects receiving long-term and heavy treatments for respiratory diseases, showed that negative ions led to a drastic reduction in their medication intake. This study proved that the increase of negative ions in an environment leads to several beneficial effects:

  • Stimulation of the generation of epithelial cells in the nasal mucosa
  • Increase of the speed of the vibrating cilia in the bronchial membrane 
  • Increase of alveolar ventilation
  • Increase of the saturation rate of oxygen in the blood

Negative ions to fight migraines, fatigue, depression and insomnia

Negative ions truly help fight migraines and various headaches that disrupt the lives of many British people. These are often caused by an excessive production of serotonin, which can be simply fixed by rebalancing positive ions and negative ions.

Producing too much serotonin also causes our bodies to be more tired. Increasing the amount of negative ions is your indoor air is an easy solution that can address headaches, fatigue, and even sleep disorders.

Because of the frantic pace at which most British people live, we experience a lot of fatigue, chronic pain and negative thoughts. This leads to a higher likelihood of depression. While medications exist, they come with very serious side effects including dependence. People looking for a more natural, less risky solution will turn to devices that generate negative ions.

Improved cognitive and athletic performance thanks to negative ions

Negative ion therapy also result in better physical and cognitive performance. Individuals that are treated regularly with negative ions have a better oxygenation level, which positively affect their physical and cognitive abilities. They also favour coronary expansion and increased coronary blood flow.

Russia for example decided to install ionizers in the locker rooms and restrooms of several of their stadiums as a test. They recorded the results and observed improved athletic results, all disciplines combined, since the installation of these devices. Many countries have since followed suit. Whether at your home or office, in hospitals, nurseries, dining rooms or public reception rooms, negative ions can be beneficial in all environments.

Negative ions for a more beautiful skin

In Germany, a study conducted by Dr. Arudoman on the benefits of negative ions concluded that they contribute to the strengthening of collagen. This group of proteins is what gives skin its elasticity and helps it resist the pangs of time. During this study, Dr. Arudoman was able to observe enlargement of the pores of the skin and sweat glands of his subjects. That is why more and more health and beauty skin products are now incorporating negative ions in their composition. Negative ions can be added to massage oils, skin moisturizers and hair products. The generation of negative ions is also being added to devices such as a hair dryer. Improved functioning of the circulatory system, strengthening and renewal of collagen, erasure of wrinkles and improvement of the skin’s elasticity: negative ions are a formidable beauty and anti-aging ally. They can also be used to stimulate cell renewal in the event of a burn or scar.

Although they are not yet common practice, negative ion treatments are becoming more and more popular every day. In addition to removing pollutants from our indoor air, negative ions have a direct and positive impact on our health, beauty and well-being. We have not done hearing about them!