What are the benefits of negative ions on health?

What are the benefits of negative ions on health?

After long work days, you may feel the need to recharge your batteries near the sea, near a waterfall, or in green spaces. It turns out that these are environments rich in negative ions. On the other hand, urban environments containing high levels of pollution are rich in positive ions. Numerous studies show that humans have a natural desire to balance positive and negative ions as often as possible. A surplus of positive ions causes a feeling of depression, while environments rich in negative ions provide a feeling of well-being.

What are the positive effects of negative ions on our health?

Contrary to their somewhat derogatory name, negative ions have beneficial effects on health. If negative ions are lacking in a given environment, there is a greater risk that the occupants of that environment will contract respiratory diseases. 

Epidemiological studies have also contributed to the recognition of negative ions as an effective means of controlling asthma.

Example: A study was carried out in France on a sample of 30 subjects receiving long-term treatment. When exposed to a high concentration of negative ions, it became possible to drastically reduce their medication intake. This study has thus led to the correlation that the increase of negative ions in an environment leads to:

  • Stimulation of the generation of epithelial cells in the nasal mucosa
  • Increased pulse velocity of the cilia of the bronchial mucosa
  • Optimisation of alveolar ventilation
  • An increase in the level of oxygen saturation in the blood

That's not all: negative ions also help fight migraines and headaches. Migraines and headaches are often caused by the excessive production of serotonin, and this phenomenon can be solved simply by rebalancing quantities of positive ions and negative ions in the body.

Also, by producing too much serotonin, our body will tend to tire more. Increasing the amount of negative ions appears to be an attractive health solution since it treats both headaches and fatigue. The same goes for sleep disorders.

Negative ion therapy also improves physical and mental performance. An individual who is regularly treated with negative ions benefits from better oxygenation, which directly affects their physical and psychological capacities. Negative ions also encourage coronary expansion and increased coronary blood flow.

Example: Russia has chosen to install ionisers in the locker rooms and rest rooms of several of its stadiums. It has announced that it has recorded much better sports results in all disciplines since the installation of these devices.

From hospitals and nurseries to catering or public reception rooms, the benefits of negative ions can be used in many settings.

Negative ions even have a positive impact on our skin. A study conducted by Dr. Arudoman on the benefits of negative ions has shown that they help strengthen collagen. During this study, the doctor was able to witness the enlargement of the skin pores and sweat glands of his subjects.

It is therefore logical that more and more products for the health and beauty of the skin are announcing the inclusion of negative ions in their composition. They can be mixed with the ingredients of massage oils, skin and hair moisturisers, or even in the operation of a device such as a hairdryer. Many beauty devices for massaging the skin and diffusing negative ions have emerged in recent years. Leading to better functioning of the circulatory system, strengthening and renewal of collagen, erasing of wrinkles and improving the suppleness of the skin, negative ions are a formidable beauty and anti-aging ally.

 Air purification with negative ions

By increasing our daily exposure to negative, we can make this feeling of depression disappear in favour of a feeling of well-being and better health. This is the very principle of ionising purifiers.

But the benefits do not stop at our well-being. The primary interest of the diffusion of negative ions in AIRVIA devices is to fight fine particles. Negative ions are formidably effective against this type of pollution which are usually positively charged. They therefore clump to the surrounding pollution to destroy it or drop it to the ground, thus protecting our lungs from inhalation.

Negative ions target all fine particles, regardless of their category. These harmful particles can, for example, be found in tobacco smoke, automobile pollution, combustion gases for heating or cooking, and cooking odours. Half an hour of using a high-performance ioniser air purifier will get rid of over 95% of the fine and ultrafine particles in your air.

AIRVIA Medical purifiers combine 8 filtration technologies, including a functionality to diffuse negative ions. Thanks to a design using eight separate conduction filaments, AIRVIA Medical has been able to develop particularly powerful ionisation technology without emitting ozone. These devices generate more than 20 million ions per cm3 output, 6.3 million at 1 meter away, and 0.5 million at 3 meters away with a total radius of action of 5 meters.