How long should you turn on a purifier ?

How long should you turn on a purifier ?

Air purifiers allow you to cleanse the inside air of an apartment or house. It filters all kinds and all sizes of pollutants, to catch or destroy them. But should you leave it on constantly for it to work? How many hours a day should you turn your device on?

AIRVIA Medical will explain how best to use your air purifier and give you more information on the time frame for use.

Using your purifier and opening windows

An air purifier allows you to cleanse the inside air of your accommodation in a few seconds without any effort. Our models of air purifiers offer, at maximum speed, to cleanse your house’s air up to 100m2 of all pollutants in only a few minutes. Yet, every time someone comes and goes, every time you open doors and windows, your inside air will get new pollutants....Dusts, pollens, bacteria, viruses, fine particles, they all come into your lounge in the blink of an eye.

Even in an accommodation in a city centre, and even in the middle of a pollution peak, authorities encourage people to open their windows and air their houses morning and night. This should ideally happen before or after peak traffic times. In a house equipped with an air purifier, you should turn on your device for a few minutes after each airing.

Controlling the quality of your air in real-time, the AIRVIA Medical Plus

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How long should you turn on an air purifier on average? After a cigarette? Before a guest comes in that is allergic to cats hair? To help newcomers as well as experts to purify their air without trouble, AIRVIA Medical added performing ongoing monitoring to its air purifiers.

This monitor allows you to determine when and how to use your purifier. quand et comment utiliser votre purificateur. Lights show you in real time, after calculations carried out by lasers, the state of the air inside your home. Thus, you can control in one go the quality of your air, the rate of humidity, the pollution level... That way, depending on the results, your monitoring panel indicates whether it is necessary to cleanse your air or not.

When all the lights are green, a step that only takes a few minutes, you can breathe easy and turn down the speed of your purifier.

Operation of the purifier and changing the filter

Modes d'utilisation du purificateur AIRVIA MedicalIf the AIRVIA air purifiers are so solid, it is because they use the best of actual air purification technologies available.

The HEPA filter of your air purifier catches billions of fine particles in only a few months. The filters on our AIRVIA Medical purifiers can filter, in one go, at least 99,97 % of particles with a diameter superior or equal to 0,01 μm. As such, it is normal to have to change the filter from time to time.

For normal use in a house, in constant mid-speed and silent mode every night, AIRVIA Medical advises you to change the filter on your device once a year.