Differences between an air conditioner and an air purifier

Differences between an air conditioner and an air purifier

Air conditioner or purifier, that is the question! Summer is here, and with it the first heat wave. Consumers are often exposed to ads mentioning air conditioning systems, and can be misled into thinking they are similar to an air purifier.

To avoid the eternal confusion between the two, we will just give you an overview. These two systems have very different purposes, do not answer to the same needs, and do not provide the same results.

Breathe easier: the numerous uses of an air purifier

People can be sensitive to pollution peaks generated by the car fleet and industrial emissions. These are problems often highlighted by environmental organisations. But authorities and organisations also try and inform people on ways to react to our accommodations’ air pollution. Indeed, we often forget that the air inside our homes can often be more tainted than the air outside, simply because we are surrounded by electrical appliances, solvents and other very volatile chemical compounds.

The air purifier is he only device that deals with this issue of interior pollution. Thanks to its scientifically proven results, the purifier is used in airplanes to cleanse the air during the long hours of flight. In hospitals, it filters the air to reduce any spreading of viruses and bacteria in the bedrooms, the halls, the operating theatres, and consultation rooms. Finally, purifiers are used in the industry to catch harmful residue coming from various machineries.

Today, air purifiers are an invaluable ally in many companies, and are becoming more and more recommended in our houses.

The air conditioner, simply cool air

As far as the air conditioner is concerned, its role is to regulate the temperature in a given place, a room in the house, or an office space. It allows us, despite extreme outside weather conditions, either hot or cold, to maintain a closed room in optimum conditions of temperature and humidity, providing a comfortable atmosphere.


Today, reversible air conditioning allows you to cool your home in summer and to then heat it in winter by catching the calories contained within the outside air.

Air conditioner sales, of all sizes, are very seasonal and tend to peak at the beginning of summer. As for purifiers, pricing is often related to efficiency. A small mobile conditioner will cool only one room for a retail place of 90£ on average. Bigger, unmoving installations that can cool the house and/or heat it have a higher price point and require the intervention of a professional to set them up.

The air conditioner guarantees a comfortable lifestyle in households, companies,industries, and even shops. It can also be a selling point for a car or house. Yet, even if it produces cool air, the average air conditioner does not cleanse the air of a house, nor does it purify anything.

How does the air purifier work ?

An air purifier cleanses the ambient air by dragging it through a range of filters or through a system that destroys particles. The basic model cleanses the air thanks to simple interchangeable filters, made from activated charcoal, bamboo or other natural material. These will for example catch pet hairs, dust, pollen and dead skin cells, along with the bigger particles present in the air.

Filtration de l'air purificateur d'air AIRVIA Medical AERO 100

Other better performing air purifier models can reverse the polarity of pollutants to weight them down and destroy them. AIRVIA Medical combines 8 different filtration systems to offer everyone a cleansed and healthy air, in only a few seconds. The “fresh air” feeling is instantaneous, but the air purifier won’t allow you to lower a room’s temperature.

A basic model will be available starting around 45£, but you have to be mindful of the price of replacement filters (that you will need to change often), and to the effective operative surface.. Certified through CADR with a score of 503.1 m3/h, the AERO 100 air purifier from the AIRVIA Medical brand allows you to purify a surface of up to 100m2 in only a few minutes.

The air conditioner with air purifying, a good idea?

Some well-known brands of air conditioners and vacuum cleaners have tried to combine both purifying and cooling functions in one device. Filters are installed within the conditioner to filter the air that is circulating. These devices are branded as if they can make you enjoy both a cooler temperature and a cleansed air.


However, this combination of functions is like the tree that hides the forest. It is not ideal and lets consumers believe they can have everything at an attractive price point. The users will not only have to change their filters often, for a considerable added cost, but he will also believe he is breathing clean air when his partial system will only be cleansing some of the pollutants.Dusts, pollens, pet hairs are circulating through the conditioner and moving everywhere to settle in corners or behind doors.

Last argument that considers user-friendliness: A purifier is silent and doesn’t create draughts, unlike an air conditioning system.

In the end, the air conditioner is a device that works on the thermal conditions of a given space and which can, depending on the model, offer heating, cooling, or both.
As far as the air purifier goes, it will provide cleaner and healthier air to ease breathing. As such, air conditioners and purifiers are distinct devices that have not yet been combined in an efficient device for the use of consumers.