Can an air purifier cool you down during a heat wave?

Can an air purifier cool you down during a heat wave?

Some media or manufacturers claim that air purifiers are useful in case of a heat wave. Due to global warming, temperature variations are more and more frequent in both directions. The heat wave that the UK experienced recently is a good example of that.

So, can air purifiers really cool you down in case of a heat wave? Yes and No.

Air purifiers provide a healthier air

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Air purifiers, as their name suggest, purify the air we breathe indoors. Even if we do not see it, air is composed of different gases and can carry germs, pollutants and fine particles. And these are invisible to the naked eye, except for dust which sometimes can be observed when a concentrated ray of sun enters a room.

On abnormally hot days, the air is warmer and more concentrated in harmful substances. Air purifiers can help you fight this pollution that enters our body through the air we breathe or through the pores of our skin.

Air purifiers generate and circulate a healthy air, protecting our skins and lungs from harmful chemical molecules or bacterial agents. To get the best performance out of you air purifier, you should make sure to buy a model whose power corresponds to the size of your home. The larger the space, the more powerful the air purifier will need to be.

Air purifiers facilitate air circulation during heat waves

The action of air purifiers is not limited to the elimination of bacteria and fine particles. They will also circulate the air in your room, including fresh air. Indeed, air purifiers can renew the air of a vast surface in a matter of minutes. This helps keeping up with fresh air that you let in and purify it from bacteria and particles of pollution.

During heat waves, you can ventilate your house or your apartment in the evening and at night with the help of air purifiers. This will keep you cool while cleaning your indoor air of all the pollutants it contains.


A proper air circulation actually helps improve blood flow because it improves the quality of our breathing. The hotter the air, the less effective our breathing becomes because we spend more energy regulating our body temperature. This helps explain our feeling of oppression or compression during hot days or in hot climates such as a desert. Air purifiers such as the ones sold by AIRVIA Medical allows you to easily and quickly check your indoor air quality, right from the screen of your Remote Control Display.

The different features and settings of air purifiers

Today, air purifiers are wonder of technologies, full of useful and advanced features. Filtration speed, size of airflow, room temperature and hygrometric data, such advanced functions come with high-quality devices.

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Despite all these features, even the best air purifiers cannot alone cool your air down. They will however allow you to take full advantage of natural ventilation (airing out your house) to ensure an efficient air renewal without the pollution it usually brings. And this why air purifiers are such a great device for British people leaving in areas where the outdoor air is polluted, such as in big cities. Everyone wants fresh air, but when the streets are heavy of pollution accumulated throughout the day, that air comes at a price if you are not properly equipped to filter it.

AIRVIA Medical recommends that you install a high-end air purifier in your home, apartment or office. It will allow you to purify the air of the place you live or work in while circulating it regularly. Our products use UV sterilization, ionization, photocatalysis and high-performance HEPA filters as well as a 360° air inlet design to purify the air you breathe and allow you to breathe freely. They also come with a quiet sleep mode, ideal for night-time, to purify your air without any disruption to your sleep.

But, during hot days, you should remember to hydrate yourself and prevent the sun from entering your rooms using blinds, curtains or shutters.