Can air purifiers protect you against second-hand smoking?

Can air purifiers protect you against second-hand smoking?

You will find that "air purifier" and "second-hand smoking" are often associated in web searches or forums. How effective are air purifiers at removing the smell of tobacco in a house or apartment? Do they only act on the smell or do they actually protect against the adverse effects of smoke and second-hand smoking?

What is second-hand smoking?

Second-hand smoking has been at the heart of several prevention campaigns by the British government in the past decade. It is estimated that several thousand non-smokers die prematurely each year due to diseases caused by second-hand smoking.

The smoke of a single cigarette, pipe or cigar contains more than 4,000 polluting chemicals that are harmful to our health. Many of these substances are known to be irritating, toxic or even carcinogenic. And they are not only inhaled by smokers: they are released in the ambient air around them every time they exhale or directly by the burning cigarette.

In the long run, these toxic substances end up entering the blood of anyone regularly around a smoker. Children, the elderly, people with fragile health and pregnant women (their foetuses) are particular vulnerable and must be protected from these health risks. Second-hand smoking damages the walls of arteries and increase the risk of stroke and the risk of heart attack. It causes many respiratory diseases, malformations in foetuses or even premature birth.

Recognized by the Academy of Medical Sciences as one of the most dangerous source of domestic air pollution, second-hand smoking can fortunately be solved by an air purifier such as AIRVIA MEDICAL


Air purifiers: your best ally against second-hand smoking

The two main pollutants contained in tobacco smoke are carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. But there are several other harmful substances such as formaldehyde, numerous hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, octane, trichloroethylene, etc.) or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Airing your home is not enough to get rid of these various pollutants, even if you do it several times a day. You might thing that airing is effective because most pollutants are actually odourless, colourless and highly volatile. They are deposited on upholstery, clothing and even furniture, invisible to the naked eye. Invisible they may be but smokers still carry these harmful substances around every day without realizing, unknowingly exposing people in their surroundings.

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This is why air purifiers intervene. Air purifiers are electrical appliances that clean your indoor air and can be installed in any home. As long as its given power and capacity is high enough to accommodate your space, they will rid the air your house or apartment of up to 100% of polluting substances emitted by cigarette smoke.

How do air purifiers clean air of tobacco smoke?

There are dozens of air purifier brands and models on the market today. They do not all use the same technologies in order to purify the air of your home. Pollutants contained in tobacco smoke are very small: between 0.01 and 1 micrometre (μm) in size, so they are part of PM 2.5 fine particles (less than 2.5 μm).

Some purifiers contain filters, single-layer or combined, as well as systems of destruction, storage or polarity modification of pollutants.

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AIRVIA MEDICAL Air Purifier is one of the first device to combine 8 different filtration technologies to achieve an almost perfect effectiveness. In a matter of minutes, it cleans your indoor air of strong smells and fine particles, with an in-depth action.

Thanks to a last generation HEPA filter, our purifier traps nearly 99.99% of tobacco smoke particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 μm.

The remaining particles, between 0.3 μm and 0.1 μm are targeted and destroyed by the other filtering layers in our air purifier: activated charcoal filter, molecular sieve, photocatalysis and ionization.

Air purifiers are compact machines that effectively clean the air, to rid it of the harmful effects of second-hand smoking.